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We give you all the resources you will need to be a better parent

What We Do

We give you all the resources you will need to be a better parent

Empowering Parents

With all the talk about marriage and sexuality in the headlines, you might be wondering what’s happening in your children’s schools.

Protecting Parental Rights

You may teach your children a biblically based point of view at home . But when they go to school they may encounter something drastically different or even opposed to what they’re learning from you and their spiritual leaders at church.

Real Facts

Unfortunately, many homosexual advocacy groups have been quick to capitalize on all of the national attention–turning the movement into a campaign for more inclusion of controversial sexual topics in public schools.

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How much should I tell my child?

Be Prepared

Just Keep Talking

Be Open & Honest

Maintain A Calm, & Non-judgmental Attitude


Tools for Protecting Parental Rights

Model Parental Rights Policy

Werepresentatives to enact a policy that strengthens and respects parents’ rights to guide their children’s education especially concerning sensitive topics about sexuality and family issues.

Executive Summary

Since model legislation can be rather difficult to wade through if you’re not a lawyer or elected official, we’ve provided a parent-friendly explanation of what the model policy does.

Parents’ Bill of Rights

You can also read the Parents’ Bill of Rights for tips on interacting with a public school and articulating your viewpoint.

Our Testimonials

“I am very indebted to True Tolerance for all its resources. I enjoy being more present in my child’s developmental stages.”
Grant L Hatch
“All the information provided by True Tolerance is well-presented, relevant and carries authority. I highly recommend True Tolerance to all parents.”
Angelica C Henderson

Latest News & Updates

Facts on Bullying/Model Policy

When approaching school officials to discuss the issue of bullying, it’s important to have factual information and positive solutions in hand.