Educate Yourself

Can They Do That in My School?

Why is one-sided promotion of controversial topics like homosexuality, bisexuality, and gay marriage happening in your child’s school?

One reason could be that your school officials are being heavily pressured by special interest groups. That’s why they need to hear your voice too!

Often, schools are told they must comply with advocacy groups’ demands—such as mandatory “diversity” training or homosexual-themed curricula—or they could face legal liability for not making their school “safe.”

We believe that all children–including those who identify as gay or lesbian–should be protected from harm. We believe that the best approach to preventing bullying and protecting kids is through measures that emphasize that all students–regardless of what social subgroup they belong to–must be equally protected and valued because they are human beings, the unique creation of a living God.

But all too often, “safety” is used as a political tool to force an adult agenda into schools that can actually put kids at more risk of serious emotional and physical harm.

Too often, classroom materials promoted in the name of “safety,” “tolerance” or “anti-bullying” teaching go far beyond the realm of safety prevention into political advocacy, and even indoctrination.

What can you do about it?

You can help by equipping school officials with a more balanced perspective based on accurate information. First, educate yourself by reviewing the “What Parents Need to Know” section (see the box in upper right hand corner). Then “Take Action” by giving your school officials information from legal experts and researchers.