Take Action

Make Your Voice Heard

Thank you for your willingness to take a stand and help protect children in your community by giving information to your public school officials. Below are several packets of information that you can either download to hand-deliver to your school officials–or email to them directly from this site. The packets contain information on the following topics:

Tools for Protecting Parental Rights

New Resource! Protecting Children’s Privacy (in Bathrooms/Locker Rooms)

Bullying Issues

Concerning Classroom Materials Promoted by Activist Groups

Tools for Protecting Parental Rights

When it comes to protecting your family’s rights and safeguarding your child’s innocence, it’s so important to be proactive. Don’t wait for bad situations or age-inappropriate materials to surface in your school. Take action now by sharing these new resources directly with your state representatives and/or local school board members and school officials.

Model Parental Rights Policy/Legislation: You can encourage your state representatives, school board members and educators to enact a policy that strengthens and respects parents’ rights to guide their children’s education, especially concerning sensitive topics about sexuality and family issues. Simply use the links below to email them a model policy and accompanying cover letter—or download it and hand deliver or mail it to them! This model policy has been carefully researched and crafted by national legal experts at the Alliance Defending Freedom. It can be used for guidance either at the state or local school level.
Executive Summary: Since model legislation can be rather difficult to wade through if you’re not a lawyer or elected official, we’ve provided a parent-friendly explanation of what the model policy does. Just click on the “Parent-Friendly Summary” option below to download and review.
Parents’ Bill of Rights: You can also read the Parents’ Bill of Rights for tips on interacting with a public school and articulating your viewpoint.